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Youth Academy

Multiple sessions held every season

22/23 Youth Academy Sessions

Session 1

1/4/2023 - 3/8/2023

Session 2

3/15/2023 - 5/24/2023 (No session 3/22)

Session 2 Additional Option - League One!

$75 additional at registration

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Wednesday evenings at 5:30-7:30 pm

*Additional enrollments may require more sessions


South Gate Church gym: 9620 E. Watson Rd., Sappington (Crestwood) MO, 63126

Age Groups



$175 (includes player training kit)

What should you bring?

  • Indoor athletic shoes (no cleats)

  • Shin guards

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Water

  • Size 3 soccer ball

Youth Academy Overview

The Webster Grove Soccer Club’s Youth Soccer Academy (Fubolistas) teaches the basic techniques and ball mastery skills of soccer in a fun and challenging developmental soccer environment. Our aim is to ensure a youth player’s skills and confidence “on the ball” improves as does their love of the game.

Our Youth Academy philosophy on soccer and player development is two-fold: one, a youth player’s success in soccer skill development begins at home with family support, and time allotted for a player to play with a ball with their feet; and two, youth players improve their skills by playing the game with children of a similar age, honing skills in a game, and being guided in a positive manner by trainers.

In our Youth Academy, your son or daughter will learn in a small group setting with a 12:1 coach to player ratio or smaller. In addition to technical skill training, this fun learning environment promotes interpersonal communication skills, physical coordination, and introduces concepts like fair competition and play, respect for others, and other positive sporting behaviors or values such as trust, commitment, emotional control, and teamwork. There will be a skill practiced at home.

Our Youth Academy is an 8-week program made up of eight 50-minute sessions. Each session will be centered around a new skill, a basic building block of soccer. Each session will have various skills introduced, skills reinforced, practice with and without opposition, and small-sided games emphasizing the use of the skill of the day.

The best of our Youth Academy participants take the passion they have for soccer, the specific skills learned in the academy, and the application of these skills further developed at home and in recreational league play. They often find they have more fun and more success than their peers.

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