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Club History

The club was founded in 2005 on the premise that by building on the rich soccer tradition in the Webster Groves area, young athletes can learn the game and play it at a high level while building community spirit and tradition. 


The club is also unique in that it is designed to wrap around the CYC season, allowing players to compete for their CYC parish and grade school teams while still continuing their soccer development with WGSC.

WGSC teams have produced a multitude of indoor league/tournament, futsal league/tournament, SLYSA outdoor league, and outdoor tournament championships in the club's relatively short history. For example, 22 of our WGSC alumni were among the back-to-back Webster Groves HS State Championship teams (2014, 2015). Our WGSC alumni led the WGHS Boys Soccer to its third state championship in 2022. 


These championships and other achievements within WGSC are even more impressive given the limited player pool to which WGSC restricts itself - typically players within the Webster Groves School District and surrounding communities. 

Though proud of these WGSC successes, they are not the ultimate goal of our club,  but are a natural result of our emphasis on individual player development within the concept of team play, building friendship among our membership, and giving back to the Webster Groves community. 

Why join WGSC?

The club is primarily for players living within the Webster Groves School District and surrounding communities. Our goal is to create teams that represent a cross-section of our community, so we will have a mix of players from both the Webster schools and the area private schools.  The advantages provided through Webster Groves Soccer Club are numerous.  Your child will be playing with and will eventually be friends with their teammates from their own community.  Activities such as team training, meetings, and matches will be local whenever possible. The cost is reasonable relative to the fees charged by other clubs in St. Louis. 


Player development is our goal and our coaches provide that by giving maximum playing opportunities in training and presenting their insights into the game at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way.  Everything we do is accomplished within a competitive yet fun atmosphere.  Our kids love coming to every team activity! Additionally, the players are taught discipline, responsibility, respect, sportsmanship, and honesty.  All of us who competed in sports as young people will realize that this is the real value of youth sports--the development of sport-specific skills and the aforementioned personal attributes through the enjoyment provided by competitive sports.  In short, that’s the philosophy of the club.

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